Houston Concrete Flooring Is Strong, Durable, and Highly Fashionable

Polished concrete floors are elegant, sophisticated, and highly versatile while being incredibly strong and durable. Its hardness and strength are what makes it suitable for building streets and highways and that is what makes it ideal for a flooring material because you can’t scratch or dent it. Concrete screed flooring has become increasingly popular, even trendy in the past few years for its versatility and unique effects. It can make a fashion statement with methods such as etching techniques and color dyes that can turn boring grey concrete into the star attraction of a home.

The hard-wearing quality of concrete makes it excellent for use in high traffic areas like schools, hospitals, warehouses, factories, and shopping malls. Concrete flooring costs can range from downright cheap for a basic screed to relatively pricey, depending on the finishes that can make it look great.

Decorative concrete floors are beautiful and will complement any architectural design, emphasizing unique features and bringing interiors alive. As a flooring concept, it really stands out as being original as well as highly fashionable. Various processes create different outcomes. From a historic, farmhouse look to a fabulous, highly modern work of art, you will be amazed at what can be done with concrete to enhance its look because it can be repurposed in so many different ways.

If you have always thought that concrete was just for huge corporate buildings and industrial areas, you will be surprised by the versatility that it offers. As one of the most distinguished flooring concepts available to homeowners today, it offers endless options limited only by your imagination.

The Pros and Cons of Concrete Flooring


Concrete is very heavy and if you are installing a new floor on grade, the weight will not be of concern. However, if it is to be installed over a subfloor that is supported by joists, a structural engineer will have to determine whether the subfloor can carry the weight. There are lightweight concrete solutions available that would be more suitable for this application.



– Strength and Durability
The power of concrete ensures that your concrete floor will stand the test of time with little or no maintenance or repairs.
– Easy Care
The same qualities that make a concrete floor so strong and durable also make it easy to care for. When properly sealed, concrete floors are highly resistant to dirt, grit, spills, stains and high impacts. Once polished to a high sheen, light sweeping and a damp mop will keep it looking clean and like new for years.

– Beautiful Design Options
Modern concrete finishing techniques have moved concrete from mundane to luxurious. Added dyes can create a plethora of colors ranging from earthy to spectacular. Amazing, one-of-a-kind finishes using surface treatments such as concrete paint, concrete stains, and acid stains can transform plain concrete floors into unique fashion statements. Coloring agents and dyes in the right combination can create concrete finishes that look like natural stone, ceramic tiles, bricks, and many other materials.

– Concrete floors offer an ideal option to add underfloor heating as the electrical cables and water tubes can be safely embedded in the concrete during construction to create a warm and comfortable home. Contact a concrete floor Houston installer for a quick quote.

So before you relegate concrete flooring to the garage only, take a look at what you can do with this versatile, strong, and durable flooring concept that can turn your home into a unique space and the envy of your friends and family. We offer a personal, hands-on approach, with quality workmanship and superb customer satisfaction service. There is nothing like reliability and that is why we show up on time, ready to transform your dream floor into reality with our revolutionary flooring concepts, and a team equipped to do a great job. https://houstontxconcrete.com/concrete-services.html