Houston Concrete Flooring Is Strong, Durable, and Highly Fashionable

Polished concrete floors are elegant, sophisticated, and highly versatile while being incredibly strong and durable. Its hardness and strength are what makes it suitable for building streets and highways and that is what makes it ideal for a flooring material because you can’t scratch or dent it. Concrete screed flooring has become increasingly popular, even trendy in the past few years for its versatility and unique effects. It can make a fashion statement with methods such as etching techniques and color dyes that can turn boring grey concrete into the star attraction of a home.

The hard-wearing quality of concrete makes it excellent for use in high traffic areas like schools, hospitals, warehouses, factories, and shopping malls. Concrete flooring costs can range from downright cheap for a basic screed to relatively pricey, depending on the finishes that can make it look great.

Decorative concrete floors are beautiful and will complement any architectural design, emphasizing unique features and bringing interiors alive. As a flooring concept, it really stands out as being original as well as highly fashionable. Various processes create different outcomes. From a historic, farmhouse look to a fabulous, highly modern work of art, you will be amazed at what can be done with concrete to enhance its look because it can be repurposed in so many different ways.

If you have always thought that concrete was just for huge corporate buildings and industrial areas, you will be surprised by the versatility that it offers. As one of the most distinguished flooring concepts available to homeowners today, it offers endless options limited only by your imagination.

The Pros and Cons of Concrete Flooring


Concrete is very heavy and if you are installing a new floor on grade, the weight will not be of concern using any concrete stain contractors. However, if it is to be installed over a subfloor that is supported by joists, a structural engineer will have to determine whether the subfloor can carry the weight. There are lightweight concrete solutions available that would be more suitable for this application.



– Strength and Durability
The power of concrete ensures that your concrete floor will stand the test of time with little or no maintenance or repairs.
– Easy Care
The same qualities that make a concrete floor so strong and durable also make it easy to care for. When properly sealed, concrete floors are highly resistant to dirt, grit, spills, stains and high impacts. Once polished to a high sheen, light sweeping and a damp mop will keep it looking clean and like new for years.

– Beautiful Design Options
Modern concrete finishing techniques have moved concrete from mundane to luxurious. Added dyes can create a plethora of colors ranging from earthy to spectacular. Amazing, one-of-a-kind finishes using surface treatments such as concrete paint, concrete stains, and acid stains can transform plain concrete floors into unique fashion statements. Coloring agents and dyes in the right combination can create concrete finishes that look like natural stone, ceramic tiles, bricks, and many other materials.

– Concrete floors offer an ideal option to add underfloor heating as the electrical cables and water tubes can be safely embedded in the concrete during construction to create a warm and comfortable home. Contact a concrete floor Houston installer for a quick quote.

So before you relegate concrete flooring to the garage only, take a look at what you can do with this versatile, strong, and durable flooring concept that can turn your home into a unique space and the envy of your friends and family. We offer a personal, hands-on approach, with quality workmanship and superb customer satisfaction service. There is nothing like reliability and that is why we show up on time, ready to transform your dream floor into reality with our revolutionary flooring concepts, and a team equipped to do a great job. https://houstontxconcrete.com/concrete-services.html

Real Estate Economy Recovering After Hurricane Harvey

hurricane harvey houston

In the recent devastating effects of the deadly Hurricane Harvey, the real estate industry was one of the many economy-driven sectors that was badly hit. In the mainstream places like Houston, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and others, the residents are still in the middle of recovering from the after-effects of the destructive effects of the same. It might take some time before the exact values of the real estate markets in Houston might be evaluated as there are several regions that have been catastrophically hit by the hurricane. The Government is moving towards with a $36.5 billion package for effective hurricane relief that would be given away to the badly hit regions of Houston.

In addition to Houston, the Hurricane Harvey has also hit the real estate industry on a national level. While the home sales of the existing real estate properties & homes has risen by around 0.7 percent, the new home real estate sales have also sprung by around 18.9 percent after the hurricane hit the region. Similarly, the pending home real estate sales have declined for the first time in several years which has trailed down below 1.5 percent. Sales activities of the real estate markets might have been stronger if the real estate havens like Houston and South Florida might not have been hit by the devastating Hurricane Harvey.

Real Estate Market Data Reveals Faster Economic Recovery in Houston

The HAR (Houston Association of Realtors) has generated the reports that single-family sales of real estate properties like homes & apartments in Houston has risen by around 4.2 percent from the time of last September. This had occurred after the steep drop in the same which was around 24 percent decline in the month of August. The real estate market in Houston is observing major gains in all of the property types including individual homes, apartments, plush bungalows and villas, and even properties. The property values in the real estate industry of Houston after the hitting of the Hurricane Harvey have been reported above $150,000 in terms of individual properties, around $500,000 to $700,000 with respect to individual homes, and others which have been viewed as the most sales volume after the natural calamity.

While the real estate inventory might be running low with respect to the consumer demands and property flooding, the real estate industry & respective markets in Houston are increasing steadily. The current rate of 4.2-months of the real estate supply has not been able to yet reach the needed inventory spike that the city had experienced right before the hitting of the Hurricane Harvey. The previous rate was around 4.4-months of real estate supply in correspondence to the consumer demands.

After the effects of the overwhelming natural disaster, there has been quite revival in the rental real estate markets in Houston. As such, the rental real estate markets have experienced its best-ever that has ever been observed in the city. The majority of displaced population because of the destructive Hurricane Harvey has resulted into the spike that has occurred in the demand for the real estate rental properties. The available demand for single-family real estate rental homes in Houston has increased by around 83.6 percent after the Hurricane Harvey. Similarly, the leases for condominiums and town-homes have also soared by around 92.2 percent. The average rent for condominiums and townhouses in the city of Houston has risen by around 5.4 percent to approximately $1,601. Similarly, the rent for single-family real estate rental properties has also increased by around 7.9 percent to over $1,886. These records as available as per the reports of the HAR (Houston Association of Realtors) after the occurrence of the natural calamity Hurricane Harvey.

The relief efforts with respect to the entire real estate markets in Houston are still going on after the natural disaster. The relief efforts are occurring both through the available government funding as well as by the community. The United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) has been allocation a total fund of around $57.8 million towards rebuilding the real estate markets in Houston after the Hurricane Harvey has left its impact on the given regions. In many other cases, homeowners are forced to sell their homes because they are unable to afford the repair costs from the floods while many lacked flood insurance or simply were denied claims. In situations such as those, it’s important to talk to a Houston real estate investor to get a fair cash offer.

Credit for information provided in this article goes to Sell My House Easy Fast (http://sellmyhouseeasyfast.com).

Hiring A Roofing Company

In the wintertime, be sure that your roof comes with ice and rain shields. Additionally, ensure its properly ventilated. Your home is warmed by the wall line and this is the area where ice generally builds up. It’s the build-up of the ice which can result in interior leaks.

When you’re buying shingles it’s important to get the ones of a favorite brand. This is due to the access to the shingles for potential repairs. If you opt for a cheap product and purchase shingles from a company that’s practically out of business, or even the final of a specific colour, you may encounter problems fitting the shingles for repairs later on. Should you go with the cheap choice, be certain that you also get a few additional packages for your unavoidable repairs.

As of the roofing construction, the more contact information you get out of it, the better. Request the job manager for not just their contact information, but also that of this company that they work for. You need to know their entire name, and whom you need to address whether there’s a problem.

If your home requires an entirely new roof, so you may wish to look at installing a green roof. Becoming more and more popular, green roofs permit for greenery growing, such as wildflowers and grass. Possessing these plants onto your roof saves you plenty of dollars each year and can also be perfect for the environment.

It is difficult to find a good roofer. If you believe that it’s possible, ask that individual to give you at least three references which you could personally contact. Discussing with former customers will provide you a good notion about which kind of work quality you can count on from the roofer.

Several times per year, go in the loft and have a look at the roof’s insulating material. If some of it’s moist -brace yourself – you have a leak from the roof. Though you might not have detected any problems from below, assessing the insulation will be able to help you avoid additional harm, as you’re able to resolve the flow right away.

When employing a roofer, do not allow the price be your sole concern. As you would like to avoid overpaying, you also ought to ensure you do not compromise on other things which are also significant. Be certain that you get quotes from a number of distinct contractors and understand what all those quotations comprises.

There are a couple of common kinds of roofing materials, such as wood, asphalt, tile, and metal. All these materials has its own benefits and disadvantages, which means you have to consider what variables are the most crucial. For example, wood continues for quite a while, but vinyl is available in a huge array of colors. It’s simple to personalize the appearance according to your budget.  Consult your local Houston roofer for a more accurate quote.

So, how do you really feel about your roof knowledge today? You must have learned at something out of reading this article, so always bear in mind the information you’ve Picked up as you keep on coping with your roof issues. Now, that you’ve got whatever you require, you can make sure that the roofing you put in on your home will be appropriate.

It Will Take Houston Years to Recover from Harvey

It Will Take Houston Years to Recover from Harvey

So far, Hurricane Harvey has proved to be one of the worst natural disasters that have ever hit United States. Most homeowners have been left devastated. However, those who managed to escape have been left with little or no financial help. The damages are estimated to be around $90 billion.

Extent of the damage

It’s estimated that 65 people were killed. When the hurricane hit, about 500,000 vehicles were on the ground. This translates to $5 billion in losses. Thankfully, the economy has remained on a solid ground. A week later after the flood, Houston is struggling to reopen for business.  Here is some drone footage of the extent of the damage left by Harvey.

Not the first time

About ten years ago, Houston was hit by a hurricane that claimed many lives. At the same time, power was knocked out in about 2.5 million homes. This translated to about $30 billion in damage. It took 3 weeks to restore the power. Since then, the government has upgraded the drainage infrastructure and water reservoirs.

The blue-collar boom

Some businesses have actually benefited from the aftermath of the hurricane. With many cars submerged in water, the residents need new cars. Furthermore, there is a lot of cleanup to be done. One such opportunity that is on the public limelight is the hiring of laborers by Peyton Williams. Through a Facebook advert, the contractor hired 50 workers last weekend to work at a damaged apartment. According to business experts, businesses that open first will have an added advantage over the rest.

Payroll pressure

Many business owners are worried how they are going to meet the salaries of their employees after losing their business. The good thing is that SBA has started a disaster loan program worth $1.7 million. The loans will be offered as working capital loans to revive businesses. The interest rates will be half the rate of other loans offered in the private sector.

Last week, Houston’s shipping lanes and airport managed to open. However, with most waters ceded, the metropolitan area still looks virtually untouched. In neighborhoods like Meyer land and Kingwood, there are piles of debris everywhere. From an expert point of view, many businesses will struggle to reconnect with their customers due to the extent of the damage. According to reliable sources, president Trump is expected to donate $1 million to the affected victims.

Based on the magnitude of the disaster, it’s beyond any reasonable doubt that Houston will take years to recover from the disaster even with companies that renovate flood homes. The recovery may be more complicated as more rain is expected in the coming days.