Post Stroke Rehabilitation

The recovery after stroke is called “STROKE REHABILITATION”. Stroke rehabilitation helps to regain skills lost when affected. For example, when a stroke affects the brain, memory is lost and this needs rehabilitation therapies for recovery. Stroke rehabilitation can help to improve the quality of life and regain independence. For example these skills include the leg movements coordinated by the brain. Each person’s ability to come out of stroke complications varies widely. Researchers have proved people taking part in stroke rehabilitation programs can perform better than those who are not participating in any rehab programs. The type of physical activity prescribed depends on the ability affected by the stroke. Activities might include the following types:

MOTOR SKILL EXCERCISES: Muscle activity is related to motor skills. Motor skills are carried out when the brain, nervous system and muscles work in concert to move the body parts.

TRAINING THROUGH MOBILITY: Mobility aids such as wheelchair, walker or ankle brace can be used to support the body weight until walking abilities come back to normal.

FORCED USE THERAPY: The therapy where the unaffected limb is restrained while practicing to move the affected limb in order to improve its function is also sometimes called constrained induced therapy.

THERAPY OF RANGE MOTION: Exercises and therapies that help in the ease of muscle tension are called range of motion. The word “stroke” specifies that no individual person is prepared for this sudden, catastrophic event. Rehabilitation and recovery taken on time can prove to be crucial for the ones who are affected with a stroke.

RECOVERY ON TIME: There is much more to know as to how the brain compensates for the injury caused after the stroke within a Houston rehab center. In some cases the functioning of the brain may be only temporarily damaged, not destroyed or dead and hence it can resume some or all of its functioning over time.

REHABILITATION: As soon as a stroke strikes, hospital rehabilitation should start. Stable patients can rehabilitate or recover within two days of the stroke occurrence, and should continue with the treatment even after released from the hospital. The main goal of rehabilitation is fast recovery of the stroke survivor so that he or she becomes independent as soon as possible. This must be done in a way to motivate the stroke survivor to relearn the basic skills – like bathing, dressing, eating walking etc.

THE EXPERT RECOVERY TEAM: The experts help patients to meet their stroke recovery goals. Each patient’s rehab programs will be designed by a professional team. The team includes a group of experts as the following:

NEUROLOGIST: Expert in treatment of stroke and other affected problems of the brain and the spinal cord.
PHYSIATRIST: Expert in rehabilitating patients suffering from accidents, injuries and illness.
PHYSICAL THERAPIST: Experts curing problems in balance and movements. Exercise is suggested to strengthen activities like walking, standing, etc.
REHABILITATION NURSE: Experts who help people with disabilities and manage health after stroke occurrence.
DIETECIAN: Experts who guide in healthy food habits and special diet plans.
RECREATION THERAPIST: Experts help stroke survivors to manage movement skills and rejoin in recreational activities.
CASE MANAGER: Experts facilitating acute care from multiple providers and link to local services for recovery.

Post stroke complications are the world’s fifth leading cause of death and disability where a therapist in Houston is needed for a full rehabilitation. Even after hospitalization stroke survivors still face physical problems, speech and mental functions. Variety of rehabilitation programs can be provided. Rehabilitation programs are critical in helping patients to become independent again. These prospects improve immensely with the help of diligent rehabilitation. Family support can prove to be the most important form of support for a stroke survivor. Soon after the stroke, rehabilitation should be immediately started. If stroke rehabilitation is practiced as a team work it can be the most successful rehabilitation program.

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