Questions You Need To Ask Before Moving Within the State

Planning to move across the state? That may turn out to be a major transition in your life, so choose your mover wisely as it will affect your wallet as well as your sense of peace. While choosing the mover throughout moving services in Richmond or around Texas, your first priority is making your move an easy and comfortable one. So the best thing is to ask the following questions before signing the contract with the moving company.

  1. Will they provide a binding quote?

According to law before finalizing the deal with the moving company you deserve a binding quote. A binding quote is the estimated amount you need to pay even if the belongings that have been shipped weigh more or less than the estimated amount. So to get a binding quote, the company will conduct a survey of all the goods by a certified assessor. Once the survey is done they will provide the binding quote in a legal document clearly stating the maximum cost of the move.

  1. Does the company belong to American Mover and Storage Association (AMSA)?

The company under AMSA is highly recommended as they encourage their members to boost customer satisfaction by making agreements in accordance with the federal moving laws. The Department of Transportation checks the interstate movers and ensures that all the laws are maintained to protect the customer.

  1. What if the belongings get damaged or lost while moving?

Different companies offer various types of protection for the belongings. Some movers provide full value protection in case of lost or destroyed items. Depending on the level of damage they choose to repair or replace the item. Enquire about the insurance policy and claims in case of damage before finalizing the contract.

  1. Are the staff who handle the items independent contractors or subcontractors? Are they experienced?

Ensure that the staff engaged by the moving company are well experienced and well trained. Often independent contractors or subcontractors are not as loyal as compared to the permanent moving staff of the company. Loyal employees are always on the lookout to impress you so that you provide a better feedback to the company and this works well for you.

  1. How will the breakable or special belongings be handled?

Items like electronic devices and breakable items are always prone to get damaged while moving. Ask the company how they will handle those special items. You can also share your preference regarding the packing and move of the items. But if the mover is an experience one they can deal with it in a better way. Although you can claim for the damaged items, insurance claim can’t replace your ancestral clock.

  1. Does the company collect deposit?

According to federal law, movers can charge according to the service they provide. Most of the companies don’t charge a deposit before the move. But within one to two days of the move, they charge for half or quarter of the total amount.

  1. Does the company protect the walls, floors and other surfaces of the house?

We never wish to leave our previous home in a damaged condition and the new house we want to preserve it in a great condition. Make sure they protect the surface of the house while shifting and packing the goods when you work with a moving service Houston.

Even if you need to look around a lot of stuff while moving, but by asking the right questions at the right time, you will cut down the stress during shifting from one place to another.